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L2 Teaching assistant

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L2 Safeguarding

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The true value of this course is that, at its heart, if is all about supporting children—so few things can be as important as that.

What is a teaching assistant?

Teaching assistants are critical for young people to be able to achieve their potential. They build a metaphorical scaffolding around young learners—giving them the support they need until they can learn to keep up on their own.

Why take employability training?

This course is perfect for anyone who has an interest in supporting children’s education in school; anyone who wants to understand child development, become familiar with laws, policies and procedures, or learn to build trust with vulnerable learners.

The learner will gain the skills and knowledge needed to be an effective teaching assistant, you will also get real-world experience in a school placement. With your support, children will be able to access their learning in the classroom environment, going on to achieve more, because of your help.

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