Invest in Recruitment Retention Morale Training People and grow your business

Recruitment & induction

Find local recruits, boosted by a bespoke induction package

Recruitment & induction

A fee-free way to find great new starters locally
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Host trainees

Invest in developing the local talent your company needs

Work placement

Short work trials for young people in your area
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On-screen training

Video-based courses that are accessible, interactive, assessed and certified

Video-based training courses

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In-person training

In-person group training, or fund staff-members to up-skill

In-person training

Whether for teams or for individuals, invest in your biggest asset – people
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Why invest in training?

Retention – keep your best people for longer, promote them and reduce recruitment costs

Productivity – training increases productivity, which, in turn, raises revenue

Ethos – training allows you to stay ahead of regulatory changes, while reinforcing your corporate ethos and identity

Flexibility – boosting the range and quality of in-house skills improves your ability to thrive in times of change

Resilience – identifying and growing talent in-house builds an internal ‘neural network’ that makes you stronger

Our promise to your company

We will help you to develop your biggest asset: your workforce.

We will minimise any disruption during training by being flexible about the length of courses and the timing of delivery. We can deliver evening courses, if required.

Intelligent use of blended learning and professional remote delivery allows us to be flexible and efficient.

We will support all learners, whatever their needs.

Recruitment & induction


Our academies are built around your business needs.

We identify enthusiastic job-seekers, and there are no recruitment costs for you.

Together, we agree the training needed for new-starters.

We deliver great training in line with your vacancies, and you interview successful candidates.


Why have a supported induction process for your new employees?

Your new employees will thrive when they get consistent induction training.

We build a package that is tailored to your company’s individual needs. Your new starters get the skills and knowledge they need to get going quickly, and you flatten the learning curve.

Training is not simply about learned skills, it is central to developing your company ethos and instilling that in your team members. A reliable and consistent induction process is a great start.

What does the In2Skills induction package look like?

We build you a bespoke induction package containing either face to face or online learning, or a blend of both, to suit your exact needs.

Work placement hosting

Why be a work placement host?

We are grateful to each and every one of the companies that has been involved in our work placement scheme. More than this, we often find that the companies themselves are usually very glad to have been involved.

By offering short work trials for young people, these companies are helping to transform lives in a very practical way. Not only that, but they are getting to know job seekers in such a positive and constructive way, that they can often find the best new talent to invite to longer-term opportunities. And these enthusiastic learners bring new energy to the company they join.

Some young people face more than the usual number of barriers to getting started in work. At In2Skills, we believe that everyone should get every chance, and that commitment and enthusiasm should be rewarded.

In2Skills fully supports both the learner and the host company in their work placements. And their may be grants available to cover your costs.

If you would like to support your local community by giving young people a chance to have a short work trial, please contact us today.

What does it involve?

Alex Green, at SITOC, has worked with 11 trainees so far. His enthusiasm and passion for the role shines through, as does his genuine affection for the trainees. “The reward,” he explains, “is in knowing someone has done well – a capable person previously held back by their nervousness – who goes on to get a job.”

Alex would love for more companies to get involved with trainees – by offering work experience, by encouraging young staff to train no matter what their background, and by mentoring the next generation of IT engineers.

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