Our history

Founded in February 2016, grounded in learning.

In2Skills was sparked by an ambition to improve people’s lives.

Experience gained in Welfare to Work gave us the passion, the skills and the knowledge to change people’s lives, alongside a desire to do things a bit differently.

Our mission is to offer flexibility to individual learners – to develop a program that adapts to fit them.

Pastoral support is at the heart of everything we do—for learners and also for staff. Although the awareness of mental health problems has increased, services and provision have rarely caught up. Many of our staff have lived experience of finding strategies to protect their mental health—strategies that we can share with our learners. Most importantly, we can be an advocate for our learners.

Being an advocate for learners means providing empathy, building confidence, and facilitating change. It means that we can offer blended learning over 6 weeks or up to 12 months, depending on what the learner needs. Most important of all, we support the learner into taking ownership of their own learning journey.


Our Ethos: to develop well rounded, confident, and independent individuals who aspire to achieve their full potential.

We will deliver this by providing a welcome, safe, flexible, and supportive learning environment in which everyone is equal, and all achievements are celebrated for a brighter future.

Why academies?

Our tutor says:
Partnering with In2Skills is a win-win. Free recruitment; well-supported employees with the skills they need to thrive; & new opportunities for keen and enthusiastic people.”


Our academy recruitment model
Our academies are built around your business needs. We identify enthusiastic job-seekers, and there are no recruitment costs for you. Together, we agree the training needed for new-starters. We deliver great training in line with your vacancies, and you interview successful candidates.

Our promise to our learners
Our tutors are professional, knowledgeable and passionate about their subjects.

Our courses are clear and comprehensive, whether delivered online or in person. And we will support you throughout your studies and beyond.

Our promise to your company
We will help you to develop your biggest asset: your workforce.

We will minimise any disruption during training by being flexible about the length of courses and the timing of delivery. We can deliver evening courses, if required.

Intelligent use of blended learning and professional remote delivery allows us to be flexible and efficient.

We will support all learners, whatever their needs.


Why train?

Training is for everyone. You’re never too young, nor too old, to gain real benefit from a great training course.

New skills will help you to do your current job even better. They will give you the confidence to increase your career opportunities.


Why should a business invest in training its employees?
Retention keep your best people for longer, promote them and reduce recruitment costs

Productivity training increases productivity, which, in turn, raises revenue

Ethos training allows you to stay ahead of regulatory changes, while reinforcing your corporate ethos and identity

Flexibility boosting the range and quality of in-house skills improves your ability to thrive in times of change

Resilience identifying and growing talent in-house builds an internal ‘neural network’ that makes you stronger

Why employees should invest in their own training:
Quite simply, because you deserve the opportunities training will give you!

You will be more confident, more professional and ready to grab fresh opportunities.



Our tutor says:
“I’ve seen the tangible benefits when teams train together. Whether we’re delivering to part of a chain, or a stand-alone family business, training has a massive and  rapid impact on performance.”